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The World's Most  Powerful Hymns
Federico with the London Symphony

Ever since I was young I loved the old hymns of the Church.  So it was a dream come true when Provident /Sony RECORDS in Nashville approached me to record some famous Hymns with the full London Symphony Orchestra Angel Recording Studios in London.

How Great Thou Art


As a young person, I remember standing in the Church service and singing in the congregation stately hymn melodies. It was always a very fond memory for me as I grew older.  I remember praying that one day I could record singing these fantastico songs so I really jumped at the opportunity to be a part of a timeless recording of these grand old hymns. 



After all, the Hymns contain some of the greatest theology and traditions of the Christian faith.


The musical orchestrations, compositions and arrangements are brilliantly composed by award-

winning producer Don Marsh  --  rousing & inspirational!


When we were recording them, I told the LSO music director  and concert master that I thought the orchestra sounded a lot like the Star Wars  or Indiana Jones   movie sound tracks.  


To that he stopped the entire LSO and thus replied in inimitable, British dry wit … "well,  could it be that we produce ALL their exquisite, movie soundtracks ?"


 My sincere thanks to Don Marsh (Producer, composer and conductor & Professor of commercial music at Liberty University. 


And now its my great honor to share these songs of faith with you.







Ephesians 3:20-21



Federico sings the World's most powerful hymns

                       Ever since I was young I loved the old hymns of the Church. So it was a dream come true when

                                   Provident /Sony RECORDS in Nashville approached me to record some famous Hymns with the

                                   full London Symphony Orchestra at Angel Studios in London











Sweet Hour of Prayer


As a young person, I always loved singing in the congregation these rousing and stately hymn melodies. I remember praying that one day I could record singing them, So I jumped at the possibility of doing a epic & timeless recording of the grand old hymnal. As I grew older and as a student at Gordon Conwell Seminary  & Fuller Evangelical Seminary Pasadena  - I knew these old hymns contained great doctrines of the faith.  After all, the Hymns contain some of the greatest  theology and traditions of the Christian faith.


These songs will stand the test of time.


                                                    "Singing the grand old hymns is simply preaching to notes."


                                                                                                                                       Federico Cardella Hayler


In contrast, many of the contemporary Christian songs produced today, these Hymns have lyrics with deep meaning and real substance - eternal truths about the Trinity, Redemption in Christ, The Second Coming, the power of the blood of Jesus, forgiveness for sins,

repentance and  a relevant call to world missions.


My mentors & vocal teachers? Jerome Hines, Ken Smith, Franco Corelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Vera Rosca & George Beverly Shea. God has blest me more than I ever could deserve. All Glory to HIM!


                         ne  afternoon, I had the honor to personally meet Dr. Billy Graham (Billy was on the board of directors of both seminaries)                             and he encouraged me to use my gifts of singing for evangelism. George Beverly Shea (my fav gospel singer) was a friend                             of my vocal  teacher Jerome Hines and both used their incredible basso voices to witness the Gospel-Dr. Shea with Dr.                                    Graham  crusades  and Jerome Hines created and produced an opera on life of Jesus.


One sang of Christ in the Opera world - the other as a world renown Evangelistic ministry. Both were good friends and through the

years all of these great men of faith had a great influence on my life and in using my talents for Christ. 



I love this Hymns project and I hope you will too!






Ephesians 3:20-21

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Hymns & Sacred Classics


 Hymns with Federico and the London Symphony Orchestra


Produced and orchestrated by best selling and award-winning composer Don Marsh, Federico sings great songs of faith in golden Italianate style accompanied by the world renowned London Symphony.  A Provident- Sony Records project recorded with the LSO at Angel Studios in London, England.


Federico with award-winning composer and producer Don Marsh recording with the London Symphony the How Great Thou Art project . . .


          VIA DOLOROSA
                WHAT GRACE IS THIS?
                     THE LORD IS MY LIGHT
                             FAIREST LORD JESUS
                                   PRAISE MY SOUL
                          BE STILL MY SOUL
              IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL


The World's Greatest Hymns  CD -- Biblically-based hymns about the Cross of Calvary, His Second Coming, the Rapture, Heaven, walking in holiness and peace, hymns about faith, love and hope ...

Two of the greatest bassos of all time gave their voices

to glorify God & as a tenor, I wanted to do the same 



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