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       Simplicity is the secret to JOY . . .



Practicing God's presence, abiding in Christ and walking in God's peace has profound effects not only on ourselves - but on those around us.  If you name the name of Christ, people all around you will be watching.


It's so important that in every moment of our lives we should appreciative to the Lord and be thankful to God even for the smallest blessings.  And we should continually be thankful all day thanking Jesus in all things.


Jesus is the Branch of Life


The greatest joy in my life is the simple blessing of walking and abidiing in God's  presence every day. Just conversing with God and reading His Word will bring to your heart so much joy and peace.  [John 15:1-5]


Truly the best things in life are simple.  


And it really does not take much to maximize the opportunities to express love in even the smallest ways. It's not just about being "religious" either - people show their faith in Christ by the fruit they bear.  They show to the whole world their true heart everyday by whether or not they are kind, loving, forgiving  and generous. The rest really doesn't matter!


My Values


Whether or not I sing professionally is not important  - the most important things in life are right before me everyday - my faith, family and friends and the compassionate call to reach out to others on an everyday basis.


These are my simple values as I am sure they are yours...





More Than a Song

"To worship God means to worship Him with our whole life.  We will then find our hearts afire with mission and purpose to reach out to others in practical ways in everyday life. The true worshipper will  in simplicity, bring the love and light of Jesus to our world." 


I'm convinced that America's very survival and life as we know it fully dependent on a spiritual awakening from Heaven. In Feb. 2022 I began to see in prayer the impossibility of simply remaining a singer but realized God had called me to do so much more for His glory. 


I was simply a singer who saw that American liberty is in great peril.  Our nation has become spiritually and morally disheartened by a weak leadership in government and a lukewarm church. Because of this void in leadership, the whole world is hurting, confused and spiritually lost in a quagmire of moral chaos. terror and crime.  Where once America shined as a role model of virtue and prosperity now she reels under debt and the the major exporter of smut to the world.


The moral absolutes that have guided us for 250 years has all but been abandoned. Peace loving Christians are being persecuted and beheaded in the Middle East and besmirched  and harassed here by "politically" correct media and government here at home.


In our country, there has been a relentless and deliberate changing of our national laws to insult and thumb their nose at the laws of God's great Universe. 


It's no wonder that "natural" catastrophes, economic woes and lawlessness now grip the headlines. But this is only the beginning of judgments that are in the land if we as God's people- his Bride do not purify ourselves, repent and pray on her behalf.


Long tested  traditional values are under relentless and unreasonable assault - even the ancient, institution of marriage and the most basic legal and natural definition what is male and female has become unreasonably and wickedly convoluted by design.  The schools and media now propagandize that its okay not to know if you are man or woman? Really?  


We have abandoned our long trusted allies and have embraced our enemies. We have forgotten the founding fathers goal of making this great American Republic a city on a hill to illumine the whole world. We have forgotten our missionaries and the Great Commission had become the great omission.


There are over 6 billion people in the world and some 16,000 people/ethnic groups - most who do not know of the Lord.

And by all means, we must endeavor to do all we can to reach them with the love and salvation of Jesus Christ." It is my hope and prayer that my music and message helps to spread the light and life of God's truth to the entire planet 


Federico  Cardella Hayler

Febuary 2023



Singing with purpose


Federico’s goal as a Christian artist is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. As a professional singer, author and speaker, he aim to inspire and reach out to people around the world with inspiration and hope.


"I feel that truthful and authentic worship can't be be anything but missional. Since the fall of Eden, the world has been a troubled place in need of salvation and good news and all of us are commanded by our Lord to share that good news in love with all who would hear.


In authentic worship we are to constantly speak of  God's goodness and tell the world that he is with us. Joy to the world - the LORD has come. That people everywhere can be filled with the joy of His presence and be freed from harmful addictions and sin. We are always to be announcing freedom, - dependent on the Holy Spirit to fill us, guide us and transform us within. 


In praise and worship, Jesus will turn our sorrows into joy and our sorrows into dancing! "

Making an impact


Even in the process of trying to create something to bless and encourage others - to extend God's Kingdom and to leave this world a better place, there can be misunderstanding and resistance.  But as believers, we are here in this life to glorify and please God - not man.  God sees all our hearts and especially motives. Even if we are misunderstood by some, God is always  pleased if we are obedient and our motives are pure and loving! Pharisees and hyper critical, condemning people only see outward actions - they do not see the inward motives of a heart full of love. Through pride they are blind to themselves and blind to the real needs of others 


A little drop of the Three


Little is much in the hands of God.  In the Kingdom a little leaven goes a long way under the anointing and many hands of service make for lighter labor in bringing in the harvest of souls that God has appointed us to do in this generation.  We are not to grow weary in well doing. And if the impact we make seems ever so small from our myopic perspective - even when our best efforts go unnoticed or appreciated - God sees.


Little things can make big impact - especially when added to the sum total of the righteous effort. The entire ocean is made up of tiny water dropets - one drop when added to all the others can create a flow and a ripple effect that can  change the whole current of things.  Never forget 


                                                 What we do here on earth echoes throughout eternity 


So keep creating and keep trying. Keep on praying and winning souls. Keep telling people about Jesus. Never give up! You never know if you are the next "little" drop that  will change the world!  We are all part of the Kingdom something far, far greater than ourselves.  Every member of the body of Christ is vitally important. Every joint supplies. 



More Than Singing


                 Music is the gift of God given to the children of men in the midst of their sorrows,

                  in order to give them a joy worthy of their eternal destiny 


                                                                                                            J.S. Bach


My view of singing is that I agree with the genius of Bach.   As a singer I love to glorify God and inspire people everywhere with my voice.

But without His anointing and presence I can do nothing. It is His gift - not mine. [John 15:1-5]  


We are to be lamps in darkness - cities on a hill and salt that preserves.  We should never cease from trying to make this world a better place by extending God's Kingdom.  We will  through our song & art, endeavor to get people to embrace their destiny and to love life despite all its vicissitudes and troubles. No one can ever just be a singer. The quality of the voice is not nearly as important as the disposition of the heart!  And I feel I can do nothing of eternal change without God's favor and blessing.



Transformed by His Presence


If a crowd is to experience the gravitas of a great ministry, the heart must be a pure channel that the Holy Spirit can flow through to touch and transform others by His presence.


In short, as believers we are not performers but ministers of God's Zoë life. It's all about ministry - not performance. We first minister to God in our worship and adoration - then when His anointing comes we can sing as ministers of the gospel - not promoters of ourselves 


I sincerely hope I have learned something from my great teachers and that some of this is reflected in these albums.

A testimony of personal faith 


Some of my heros in the faith were extreme reformers who impacted culture, the Church, science, philosophy and the arts like no others before them. Great spiritual luminaries like Moses, Daniel,  the Apostle Paul, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Pascal, Edwards, John Wesley and Charles Finney - all of these men were brilliant and had multiple talents but could not find rest and peace until they met the Master of all the universe - Jesus the Prince of Peace. 


A night of fire


I had read about Pascal's "night of fire" which le him to a living faith in Christ.  I then had fiery experience with God while attending the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg Virginia. It was on a Thursday evening , the night before Good Friday I was earnestly praying with a friend to know Christ and to be filled with His Holy Spirit.  We were reading from Acts Chapter 2. At around 9PM, I was sitting on the old stone steps of the entrance to the historic Sunken Gardens, when suddenly the God of fire fell upon me and I was born by God's Holy Spirit.  Up until that providential encounter with the living God, my life was based solely upon intellect and reason.  My mind had been darkened from the truth. 


But like Pascal, Augustine and every believer who has gone on before me, I needed to come to the humble realization that human reason and scientific observation alone could not even scratch the surface of answering with certitude the multitude of questions that life puts before us everyday. As Pasacal once contended,


                                        ”Reason’s last step is the recognition that there are an infinite number of things which are beyond it ...”


Therefore for me, simple faith in Jesus was not only a glorious act of  divine grace from God [Ephesians 2:6-8] - it was also vert logical. 

In my studies on philosophy and comparative religions  I  had already compared his life on earth, His love, His wisdom , His eternal words of truth and writings to all the other philosophers and religious leaders who every walked this planet.  And there was no one even close to compare to Jesus.  It's no wonder that His life was one of the most well documented of the ancient world (Pliny & Josephus) It is an undeniable and historical fact that His resurrection from the dead was the greatest single miracle in all of human history since the Garden of Eden


Pascal's conversion 



Blaise Pascal's conversion to Christ—”the night of fire” as he called it — occurred in 1654 upon reading of Christ’s crucifixion. That night he wrote of this reality and only after his death eight years later did others learn of this experience when a worn parchment was found sewn into his coat containing two ragged copies of the following testimony:


“The year of grace 1654. Monday, 23 November, feast of Saint Clement. . . From about half-past ten in the evening until about half-past midnight. Fire. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob. Not of the philosophers and intellectuals. Certitude, certitude, feeling, joy, peace. The God of Jesus Christ. My God and your God. Forgetfulness of the world and everything except God. One finds oneself only by way of the directions taught in the gospel. The grandeur of the human soul. Oh just Father, the world has not known you, but I have known you. Joy, joy, joy, tears of joy ..."


Yet like Moses before the burning bush, Pascal was shown that God, his holiness, his splendor, transcends all that the mind can comprehend. Reason alone was insufficient to bring him to God; it is only God’s Holy Spirit who can lead us to the Cross where Christ makes us righteous, liberating the heart and mind to know Him intimately. [Zacharias]


The Christian’s God does not consist merely of a God who is the author of mathematical truths. Pascal was a genius but this did not prevent him from ascending into the divine realm of faith.  He understood the maxim of Augustine ...


                                                                              I do not understand in order to believe. 

                                                                              I believe in order that I might understand ...



Faith precedes true understanding of reality.  Sola fida - we come to know truth by faith alone!  Faith is greater than base human reasoning alone. And though genuine faith born of God transcends all human reasoning it does not cancel logic, common sense and human reason but rather, edifies it. Faith supersedes, natural human understanding because this divine fruit and gift alone can access God's Throne of wisdom, knowledge and divine understanding. [Hebrews 11:1-6]  For Pascal, reason was completely inadequate to the task of relating to a transcendent divinity, and the only way to God was and is by ‘faith’.



Many consider Pascal to be the father of the modern computer.  As brilliant as he was, he still knew that without God's Son -- in his life he was lost and without hope in this life and in the next. He wrote ...


"the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of the Christians is a God of love and consolation: he is a God who fills the soul and heart of those whom he possesses: he is a God who makes them inwardly aware of their wretchedness and his infinite mercy: who united himself with them in the depths of their soul: who fills it with humility, joy, confidence and love: who makes them incapable of having any other end but him.” 


If you do not know Christ as your Lord and Savior,  I urge you right now to pray that He would reveal Himself in such a way to your heart.  In Romans chapter ten verse nine and ten, Paul wrote that if we confess with our mouth faith in Jesus and believe that God rose Him from the dead - we shall be saved. This is not a rocket science calculation in sending a man made orbiter to Pluto. God purposely made it so simple that a 5 year old child gets it.


                                                           For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.

                                                           That whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 


                                                                                                                                                 John 3:16


Don't delay. Ask Jesus into your heart this very moment.


Love in Christ,


Federico Cardella Hayler



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