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Behind the “Song of Angels" Project

No one will ever tell me that getting a vision of heaven is unproductive.

My dad died suddenly one Christmas and as a young man, that was the single, greatest loss imaginable to me. What made it worse was that he was so young and it was totally unexpected. It really made me sad for a long time.

At that moment of deep grief and despair, even a small glimmer of hope would have been so appreciated. Just the thought that I would see my father and best friend once again would have been so encouraging to my heart.

Then several years later, on Christmas Eve, God gave me a strong spirtual impression and vision of Heaven. It was only then that I realized that it was a real place and that I would one day see my dad and loved ones again. I can't even tell you the joy & healing that expereince brought to my heart!

Also, when my dad passed, my mother had been grieving very much but the next night God showed her ina dream the beautiful brilliant castles in heaven where my dad was - she saw beautiful valleys and mountains and gorgeous trees etc. When she awoke she told me how the Lord had taken her grief from her!

So I wanted to do a music project and narrative compilation that illustrated these eternal wonders so that others might be inspired as well. You will see your loved ones again - fear not!

FEAR NOTHING - for NOTHING can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus nor keep you from going to your eventual HOME on Planet Heaven!

Love in Jesus,


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