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Is God Ready to Send Revival to America?

Yes, God is always ready to send his Spirit. The question is, “are WE willing?

Like other concerned Christians, I am praying and interceding for another Great Awakening in our country - much like the one we experienced under Edwards, Wesley, and Whitefield at the founding of our great country. We so desperately need another sovereign move of God in this hour to deliver us from evil and to bring in the final harvest that will hasten the day of the Lord. [Matt.24:12] The spiritual, moral, social and economic problems our nation now faces are far too great to be solved by political, religious and human efforts alone. Politicians, materialistic, deceptive TV preachers and judges gone awry aside. Only the fiery pillar of God's heavenly Presence can save us now.

When I was recording Song of Angels, the songs were birthed out of that abiding, fasting and prayer. I literally went into my studio for days until the anointing came on my voice. God has always used music and singing to usher in great revivals. Martin Luther wrote a hymn to what was a famous “pop” pub song, (A Mighty Fortress). Charles Wesley composed “The Churches' One Foundation and "Can It Be”.

The supreme motive and force behind every great revival is the Love of Jesus welling up in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Matt 22:37

My ministry is dedicated to engage culture in every area with God’s love, His word and with anointed worship music. InspoNews is my passion, sounding the alarm before it is too late. Out of love for our children and grandchildren, I am just a voice with a vision and a newscaster with a heart after God.

Consider joining me. to learn more.

In God we Trust, Federico

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